Breast Cancer: Sticking with the Treatment – 6pm Wednesday 9th September

A photo of Colin McCowan's popular talk, September 2009.

Unfortunately, breast cancer is now the most common cancer in the UK and almost 46,000 cases are diagnosed every year. The good news is that due to improved detection and new treatments, the number of women beating breast cancer is increasing each year.

However, breast cancer patients often have to take anti-cancer drugs for up to five years. Find out why it is important to keep taking this medication for so long at our next Cafe Science talk.

Over 40 of you came to Sensation to hear local scientist Colin McCowan, as he discussed how research undertaken at the University of Dundee has shed light on the reasons to take these drugs for so long.

Colin presented a very informative talk that provoked lots questions from the audience and showcased the ground-breaking research taking place at the University of Dundee.

Colin has provided us with some follow-up reading about the research behind his talk as reported in the Herald, an editorial piece from the Herald and a third article from the Scotsman.