Cancer: What's Poverty Got To Do With It? – 7pm on 30th April 2012

Cancer affects us all. The chance is, you know someone with cancer or who has had cancer. Luckily most of us today also know someone who is living with cancer and not dying from cancer.

There is no doubt that survival rates for cancer have improved in the last decade. However many more people might survive cancer if poverty didn’t exist.

This talk from Prof Nora Kearney from the University of Dundee will discuss what is poverty and how does it make a difference whether you live or die from cancer?

Does poverty really make a difference in a country where health care is free?  And do we really want to eradicate poverty or is it necessary in our society and others around the world?

Join us at the award winning Chambers Coffeehouse and Restaurant, 34 South Tay Street for this intriguing discussion on Monday 30th April 2012 at 7pm.

Chambers will serve a selection of their delicious HOT MEALS until 6:00pm, followed by snacks and hot drinks during the talk. Please see their website for a menu and more information.

This is a FREE event and EVERYONE IS WELCOME. There is no need to book in advance but arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Come along and debate these questions and let’s start changing the impact poverty has on cancer.