Lefties vs Righties: Does which hand we use affect our behaviour? – Wed 14th April 2010

hands-portrait-02When we look at our hands they essentially look the same and the only real difference is that you probably use one more than the other to do things such as write.  Right?  

Not really….  Our hand preference can tell us about our behaviour because it reflects the way our brains are organised.  

Over 70 people joined usn Dundee Science Centre’s award winning Infusion Coffee Shop on Wednesday 14th April to discuss the behvioural differences between the handedness groups, what this can tell us about our personalities, and dispelled some of the myths that surround being left handed.

Lynn’s talk was followed by a very lively question and answer session, with lots of the audience questions and thoughts provoked by the talk.

Lynn’s talk embodied the spirit of  Cafe Science with lots of audience particiaption and a lively discussion. You can view the videos of his talk on our YouTube channel or you can view the first clip below.