Making Yourself Invisible – Science and a Little Bit of Magic – Monday 27th September

The idea of invisibility has fascinated people for millennia and has been an inspiration or ingredient of countless myths, novels and films, from the Greek legend of Perseus and Medusa to H.G. Well’s Invisible Man – and, of course, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. Invisibility may seem like magic, but its roots are familiar to everyone with vision. In 2006 Professor Ulf Leonhardt was among the people who turned invisibility from fantasy and science fiction to a subject of science.

The first crude cloaking devices have been made in research labs, but invisibility is still far from being a practical technology. Yet the science of invisibility may also be used for visibility, in particular for building lenses for perfect vision, and to see small structures such as molecules and atoms.

Join us in Chambers Coffee House & Restaurant, 34 South Tay St at 7pm on Monday 27th September to hearĀ  Ulf Leonhardt explain some of the simple ideas about light that the science of invisibility is based upon, and how perfect imaging works.

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