Microbiology's Solution to Pollution – 7pm, Monday 25th January

Do you know there is an invisible army helping us to clean up the planet? Join us at Café Science Dundee in our NEW venue – Chambers Café on South Tay Street (map) to learn about the incredible powers of tiny living organisms – microbes – and their roles in shaping our environment.

bacteriumThe Earth is under ever-increasing threat from pollution often created to support a massive human population. Microbes represent a more environmentally-friendly method of cleaning up pollution. They have many special abilities that allow them to treat and reduce levels of radioactive material, pesticides and industrial waste.

Professor Geoff Gadd from the University of Dundee will outline how these tiny microscopic species can be harnessed to protect the Earth’s diverse environments, as well as the recycling of materials and reclamation of polluted habitats.

If you missed this talk, then view it on our YouTube channel! Click below to watch the first part of Geoff’s talk.