Mother and Baby play in early infancy – 6pm, 11th February 2009

Mandy Yilmaz's talk attracted a large crowd of over 65 people Why is there such variation in how soon infants reach milestones such as smiling, sitting, walking or talking?

On Wednesday February 11th 2009, Sensation hosted the most popular Cafe Science Extra event yet! Mandy Yilmaz’s talk on the cultural differences in mother and baby play with over 65 local people visiting the centre. The talk attracted parents, children, grandparents, carers and other members of the public.

Mandy, a local scientist studying for a PhD in Psychology from the University of Dundee, delivered an eloquent and well-structured talk about how mother and baby play differs in Scottish, Turkish and Indian cultures. Mandy also showed the audience video clips of good examples of her studies in baby self-recognition and mirror play. Mandy’s talk was followed by a question and answer session with some excellent questions supplied by the audience.  

Mandy’s talk was so popular that she is returning for a coffee morning session of her ‘Studying Mother and baby play’ talk at 10am on Wednesday May 2009.