Omega-3 fats: Can they really make children smarter?


Food manufacturers have been rushing to add omega-3 fats to their products.  With claims that ‘clever milk’, ‘the think drink’ and ‘brain storm cereal bars’ can improve children’s learning and concentration, this Cafe Science will sort the fact from the fiction.  You will find out what omega-3 fats are and why they are important for brain development.  New research shows that omega-3 fats are essential for infants, and it is now clear that these special fats do contribute to the early development of mental abilities.  However, the picture for older children is much less certain.  Omega-3 fats may provide some benefits for children with learning difficulties such as ADHD, but there is currently little evidence to support manufacturers’ claims that omega-3 fats can make all children smarter.  Despite this, there are good reasons why we should try to increase the amount of omega-3 fats in children’s diet.

Join us in Chambers Coffee House and Restaurant on Monday 28th June at 7pm for a discussion with Dr Peter Willatts.