The Science of Self-Improvement – 7pm, Monday 22nd February

Self-improvement takes many forms.

Over 80 people attended our most recent Cafe Science Dundee event on the 22nd February 2010 when Professor Trevor Harley presented the latest scientific thinking behind these issues and more at Chambers Coffee House, South Tay Street.

Today we are constantly bombarded with messages and advertisements about how to make ourselves happier, smarter, or have a better memory. Books which claim to improve your decision making or memory sell in their millions. But what is the truth behind this self-improvement phenomenon?

Is the brain like a muscle and can we train our minds in the same way as we can train our bodies?

Can we make ourselves cleverer? And how can we stave off mental decline in old age?

Trevor’s talk embodied the spirit of  Cafe Science with lots of audience particiaption and a lively discussion. You can view the videos of his talk on our YouTube channel or you can view the first clip below.


New Cafe Science Programme available

Cafe Science Dundee and Cafe Science Extra are pleased to announce the topics and speakers for our brand spanking new third season! You can download the full programme here.

We are really proud of the range of topics that will be covered and the excellent speakers that you will get to meet at our events. We hope to see you at an event soon!