Detecting tooth disease – Wednesday 10th December 2008

David_Hughes_200x150Is going to your dentists a bit like pulling teeth? Are you fed up with their prodding and scraping? This science conversation gives you the chance to hear about new ways of detecting tooth decay.

You can find out the latest news of dentistry gadgets and gizmos, and how they may affect our lives and our health.

David Hughes (who studies at the Universities of Strathclyde and Dundee) will give a talk on The Whole Tooth: Shining light on tooth decay. David works on new techniques, such as the ultrasound detection of tooth plaque.

Join us on Wednesday 10th December 2008 in the Infusion Cafe at Sensation. Come and grab some coffee, listen to the talk and have plenty of chances to quiz David with your questions in our usual lively chat.