The Truth about Vaccines – 6pm, 14th January 2009

Hannah Richards at Cafe Science Extra at SensationAre you interested in how vaccines work? Why do some vaccines last a lifetime and others like flu, have to be taken every year? Do you want to find out more about the latest views on the MMR jab for children?

On Wednesday January 14th 2009, Sensation hosted a very popular Cafe Science Extra event! As the audience arrived for a 6pm start it was immediately obvious that this was topic that held the interest of many local people.

Local scientist, Hannah Richards from the University of Dundee, gave an eloquent and informative talk about how our immune systems and vaccines work. Hannah’s talk was followed by a lively debate with questions coming from almost every audience member. The discussion for 50 minutes and at the end of the evening we had to stop to give Hannah a break! 

The audience really enjoyed finding out more about vaccines and how this related to some of the amazing research performed in Dundee.