Foot Care and Diabetic Foot Amputation – Is It Time To Cut Your Losses?

This month Café Science Extra focuses on one of the most important and often overlooked parts of our bodies, our feet. Dr Bharti Rajput will be joining us to discuss how you should best take care of your feet, and how new technology might be able to prevent some problems. Bharti’s research focuses on some of the most severe foot problems, foot ulcers.

Every 30 seconds someone loses a lower limb is lost to diabetes. The vast majority of diabetes-related amputations are preceded by the development of a foot ulcers.  A foot ulcer is a breakdown of the skin in the foot  that is prone to infection and can be caused by nerve damage, circulation problems or minor injury. It is alarming that one in every six people with diabetes will develop a foot ulcer in their lifetime. Majority of foot ulcers occur during walking and although extensive research has been conducted into the management of these wounds, could the key to the development of these lie in the way that diabetic patients walk? With the number of people suffering from diabetes steadily on the rise in both developed and developing countries, can modern technology alleviate the plight afoot?

This FREE talk is part of our Café Science Extra series, and is held in Infusions Coffee Shop, Dundee Science Centre – Sensation, Greenmarket at 6pm on Wednesday 11 May. Doors will be open from 5.30pm serving delicious snacks and hot drinks in the coffee shop before the event.

After Café Science at 7pm the Science Centre comes to life with Reclaim, the adults’ only night where the Science Centre opens for free, with interactive games, music and a bar.