Facing Up To Beauty – Is It Really Skin Deep? Monday 30th May @ 7pm

Standards of beauty vary over time, across cultures and between individuals. The “ideal” female body shape, for example, has changed considerably over the last 50 years. Despite this, we appear to agree that certain dimensions of facial appearance are attractive. Biologists and psychologists have presented convincing evidence that these facial characteristics are those that tell us something about the potential of opposite sex partners. Set against a backdrop of cultural and historical forces, are our standards of beauty driven by cues to health and fertility?

Join us for this talk by Fhionna Moore from the University of Abertay, where she will discuss evidence that human facial characteristics signal hormonal status, health and personality and explore variation in our perceptions of “beauty”. This FREE talk will be taking place at the award winning Chambers Coffee House and Restaurant will be open before the talk for snacks and drinks, see their website for more information.

This talk is part of our brand new fourth season of Cafe Science Dundee! You can view the whole programme of Cafe Science and Cafe Science Extra talks here.

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