Mud Glorious Mud – Understanding the Unseen, From Soils to Cities and Beyond…

Our last Cafe Science Extra event of the season is nearly here! Fear not, we still have one final Cafe Science Dundee talk at Chambers on 27th June before we take a break for the summer, but to wrap up this year’s Cafe Science Extra we will be joined by Dr Ruth Falconer who will help us all to understand the hidden natural world of soil.

Soil is vitally important to agriculture, which sustains our cities. Ruth uses mathematical computer models to tease out the key processes responsible for given features/behaviours and uses visualisation methods to communicate this to others. A key theme through her projects is sustainability which is intangible in itself, and Ruth uses visualisation methods to assess and visualise the sustainability of soil, cities and beyond. Using the power of computer graphics, it is possible to bring these concepts to life in an interactive way and to help decision making.

This FREE talk is part of our Café Science Extra series, and is held in Infusions Coffee Shop, Dundee Science Centre – Sensation, Greenmarket at 6pm on Wednesday 9 June. Doors will be open from 5.30pm serving delicious snacks and hot drinks in the coffee shop before the event.

After Café Science at 7pm the Science Centre comes to life with Reclaim, the adults’ only night where the Science Centre opens for free, with interactive games, music and a bar.