Shadows on the Cave Wall: A New Theory of Evolution – 7pm, Mon 26th Oct.

Keith Skene's talk on Monday 26th October 2009 drew a massive crowd

Wow! We have just recovered from hosting last night’s fantastic talk from Keith Skene.

Around 150 of you attended the talk as Keith Spoke about his radical and challenging book that turns current thinking about evolution on its head.

Keith, an evolutionary ecologist at the University of Dundee, presents a completely new approach to our understanding of how and why life evolved in the way that it did.

Whilst Darwinism was based on biology, the theory presented in this book is built on a much more fundamental basis, physics. He argues that since physics is the foundation for understanding everything else, then surely we should base our theory of evolution on it, rather than on the shadows of chemistry and biology.

Armed with this new approach, Keith applies it to understand how we should face the serious challenges facing our planet at present.

Keith’s book ‘Shadows on the Cave Wall: A New Theory of Evolution’ is available to buy here.

This event was part of the very successful first year of Dundee Science Festival in 2009.