The Psychology of People and Places: Is there more at Home than the Heart – 6pm, Wed 11th Nov

The Psychology of People and Places - 6pm, Wednesday 11th November at Sensation.

Mhairi Bowe joined us at Sensation as we discussed the results of a study of Dundonians’ and other local peoples’ thoughts on what makes a place feel like home.

In this talk, psychologist Mhairi Bowe from the University of Dundee discussed some of her research which seeks to understand the relationship between places and our sense of identity and to explore the psychological consequences of these relationships.

Might places be more than just the mere physical spaces we are located within? We are probably all familiar with the sentiments captured in the common saying “home is where the heart is”…but what does ‘home’ mean to you?

Just a glance at the news is enough to demonstrate that our relationships with places lie at the core of social issues like nationalism, heritage preservation, natural disasters, immigration and even war.

Mhairi’s studies take place in Dundee and draw on the backgrounds and memories of local people.

Mhairi’s talk included learning just how important preserving our relationships with places can be and why, and explore how our relationships with others can influence the way we feel about places such as our home, community, town, and country.

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