Studying Mother and Baby Play – SPECIAL COFFEE MORNING, 10am Wednesday 6th May

Mandy Yilmaz's talk on 6th May attracted over 30 young mums and their children!Why is there such variation in how soon infants reach milestones such as smiling, sitting, walking or talking?

At 10am on Wednesday 6th May Mandy Yilmaz, a local scientist studying for a PhD in Psychology from the University of Dundee, hosted a discussion on Interactions in Mother and Baby play. Mandy’s work focuses on the differences in these relationships within Scottish, Turkish and Indian cultures.

Mandy spoke about what the results of her latest research can tell us about baby development and included video clips of her studies in baby self-recognition and mirror play. Mandy’s talk was followed by a relaxed question and answer session with the audience with some excellent questions and audience participation.

The event was open to everyone and we were very pleased to welcome around 30 mothers and carers with babies and children at this event.

This was a Special Coffee Morning Session of Mandy’s talk and we hope to host more coffee mornings in the future on Mother and Child related topics.