Stem Cells and Personalised Medicine – 6pm, Wednesday 13th May

Paul Andrews talk on 13th May 2009Will Stem Cell research change medicine as we know it? But what are Stem Cells and how are they made?

At 6pm on Wednesday 13th May, Dr Paul Andrews, from the Drug Discovery Unit at the University of Dundee, hosted a discussion on Stem Cells and Personalised Medicine. 

Paul chatted about stem cells and how the Drug Discovery process works. Paul’s work focuses on how stem cells can be used to test new medicines before they reach clinical trials in human volunteers. In the future, this research could lead to personalised medical treatments for each individuals or family groups.

Paul’s 35 minute talk was followed by a relaxed question and answer session with the audience. The event was open to everyone and an audience of 20 members of the public enjoyed Paul’s talk and asked him a series of thoughtful questions.