The Trouble With Facebook – Wednesday 9th March @ 6pm

Online social networking applications are wildly popular. Facebook alone has around 500 million registered users. They have some good effects, such as helping people to maintain existing relationships and create new ones. And they can have some bad effects, such as embarassment, job loss, divorce. The trouble is that social networking sites don’t reflect the subtlety with which we manage our relationships offline.

Join us for this exciting and very relevant talk by Researcher Wendy Moncur in Infusions Coffee Shop, Dundee Science Centre – Sensation, where Wendy will talk about the problems, and some possible solutions, for Facebook and other online social networking applications.

This is a FREE Event and everyone is welcome. Dundee Science Centre closes at 5pm, and doors will re-open at 5:30pm for the Cafe Science Extra talk. As always, Cafe Science Extra is followed by Reclaim – Dundee Science Centre’s adults only night where the centre stays open for free, and this month the theme is the science of love.

This talk is part of our brand new fourth season of Cafe Science Dundee! You can view the whole programme of Cafe Science and Cafe Science Extra talks here.

We have a range of topics and excellent speakers lined up for this season, we hope to see you at a Cafe Science soon!