New Ways to Treat Cancer – Ultrasound for Surgery and Drug Delivery

Monday 14th March at 7pm (talk rearranged due to November’s bad weather).

Ultrasound is best known for helping doctors look inside the body, for example during pregnancy.

However, with recent developments in electronics and nanotechnology it has become possible to use ultrasound as a source of energy.

Now, ultrasound applied from outside the body can be used to treat some forms of cancer and scientists are exploring how it can make chemotherapy more effective.

Join us for this fascinating talk with Professor Sandy Cochran from the Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology at the University of Dundee, from 7-8pm at Chambers Coffee House and Restaurant, 34 South Tay St, Dundee.

This is a FREE Event and everyone is welcome, but please do arrive early to ensure a place.

This talk is part of our fourth season of Cafe Science Dundee! You can view the whole programme of Cafe Science and Cafe Science Extra talks here.

This talk is also proud to be part of Dundee and Tayside’s National Science and Engineering Week programme that runs from 11th – 20th March.