Image is Everything: Pushing the boundaries of ultrasound – Wed 12th May

ultrasound Ultrasound is great for seeing inside the body – like the baby scans pregnant women have. New technology makes it possible to see fantastic details of tissues with microscopic resolution.  Ultrasound has a wide range of applications, including helping to diagnose melanomas, or show the effects of disease in an eye.

Many of you joined us on Wednesday 12th May to hear from researcher Christine Demore about the latest advances in ultrasound technology and how the technology can be used in diagnosing and monitoring many diseases. Christine is developing new technology that will likely be used in the next generation of diagnostic imaging, so come along to hear about these developments, and what this could mean for the future of ultrasound. Afterwards there was a lively discussion with lots of questions from the audience, and the chance to try out Christine’s ultrasound machine for themseleves!