Why can't we reduce the waistline of our population? – Understanding mixed messages in lifestyle advice – Mon 31st May

obesity3(1)We are constantly told by newspapers, magazines, from doctors and politicians what makes up a healthy lifestyle. There have been major advances in our understanding of the causes of diseases, and the aim of doctors and scientists is to improve the quality of life by making us healthier, and live longer.

It can be very difficult to work out what the really important choices that will improve our lifestyle are. Many choices will have a little or no impact on the risk of developing a disease, and there is still a lot of wrong or misleading information available.

So how do we know who to trust on healthy living advice, and how do we know when to spot bad advice? If the science linking a bad diet to heart disease, cancer and diabetes is so strong, why can’t we reduce the waistline of the population? If you need some help unpicking the good information from the bad, join us in Chambers Coffee House and Restaurant on Monday 31st May at 7pm for a discussion with Calum Sutherland about current health issues, and the obesity epidemic.

New Cafe Science Programme available

Cafe Science Dundee and Cafe Science Extra are pleased to announce the topics and speakers for our brand spanking new third season!

You can download the full programme here. We are really proud of the range of topics that will be covered and the excellent speakers that you will get to meet at our events. We hope to see you at an event soon!