Sexy Biophysics: Exploiting Ultrasound for Gene Therapy. 7pm 29th June

Getting the right molecules (usually pharmaceuticals) to the right place, and at the right time is the critical problem in drug delivery.

There are many challenging barriers to be overcome along the route to the target, which is usually a diseased or dysfunctional tissue. However, taking a uniquely physics-driven approach offers many benefits, and has certainly facilitated massive leaps of progress in this last decade. Dr Paul Campbell will outline how an appreciation of even high school Physics can form the platform for a raft of exciting new experiments that could revolutionise drug and gene therapies – aspects of which are being developed right now at the University of Dundee.

Come along to Borders (upstairs in the Starbucks area) to hear about sexy biophysics. The talk starts at 7pm, so don’t forget to arrive early to get yourself teas and coffees.

FREE entry. Everyone welcome.