How Good are "Good Bacteria"? – 6pm Wednesday 10th June

How Good are Good Bacteria coming up on 10th June 2009How Healthy are the ‘Good Bacteria’ added to our food?

Two million Britons regularly take ‘Good Bacteria’ supplemented in our food or drink, yet evidence shows that the types and numbers of bacteria labelled on the products doesn’t always match what is in them! So should we really take them?

Come to Sensation to hear a local scientist Katie Blackett from the University of Dundee, as she discusses how taking good bacteria (probiotics) and food for bacteria (prebiotics) could improve our digestion system.

What is the evidence that these products work? 

It should be a fantastic talk that will provoke lots questions from the audience! Everyone is welcome to this free event at the Sensation’s award-winning Infusion Cafe, Greenmarket, Dundee for a 6pm start on Wednesday June 10th 2009.

Doors open at 5:30pm, so get there early in order to get yourself a seat and a nice cup of hot tea or coffee and a snack.

Free entry. Everyone welcome.