Lasers: Illuminating New Frontiers in Medicine – 6pm, Wednesday 13th January.

When lasers were invented in 1960 they were called “a solution looking for a problem”. Since then we have seen lasers find uses in nearly every part of our lives, in supermarket barcode scanners, CD players, corrective eye surgery and many other medical and cosmetic procedures.


Most lasers emit a continuous beam of light, whereas an ultrafast laser concentrates its energy into incredibly short bursts of light, resulting in very intense pulses. This means ultrafast lasers can be used in new ways such as in the operating theatre, cutting biological tissues with extreme precision without damaging nearby tissues.

Dr Maria Ana Cataluna from the University of Dundee is a researcher in the development of a new generation of miniature ultrafast lasers and will discuss how these sophisticated lasers are pushing the boundaries in biomedical imaging and minimally-invasive diagnostics and treatments.

Maria’s talk embodied the spirit of  Cafe Science with lots of audience particiaption and a lively discussion. You can view the videos of her talk on our YouTube channel or you can view the first clip below.