Stories R Us: How Technology Can Help Nonspeaking People to Share Their Stories – Wednesday 14th May, 6pm

We all tell stories to make friends; sharing our experiences with others gives us the opportunity to forge connections with other people, finding common ground upon which we can build relationships. Stories are a means by which we can improve our quality of life. The very act of sharing stories with others can be very therapeutic, and can help us deal with the stresses of our daily lives. But how would we cope without the ability to share our experiences with others?

JG_how_was_school_006For some people, being unable to tell stories is a reality. Many non-speaking people have never had the means or the opportunity to engage in narrative with friends, and have grown up without learning the necessary skills to do so. There are a number of technologies that exist that allow non-speaking people to tell stories and share their experiences with others.

This talk will give you an idea of how we are using these technologies, and the research behind them.

This event takes place in the relaxed atmosphere of Dundee Science Centre’s infusion cafe.
Everyone is welcome. Non-bookable. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment.